I’m guessing that you, like everybody, have cleaned out your coffers this Christmas and now you’ve got the January ‘back to work blues’…So why should you buy Abz Love’s new single ‘Cockadoodledoo’ we hear you ponder??

Well ponder no more…Here are the top 10 hilarious reasons you (and everyone that you know) should purchase ‘Cockadoodledoo’ this January…

1.) Out of pity – Perhaps you watched Abz’ futile attempts at farming on Abzonthefarm and you want to help him bring his farming dream to life? ☔☁🐔🐺🐛🍃🌷 (Watch the christmas special of COUNTRY STRIFE : Abz on the farm here )

2.) Make a political statement – with lyrics like “hens are friends not just chicken nuggets” ‘Cockadoodledoo’ could almost be a vegan protest anthem??? So if you prefer your chickens alive buy this track. 🍴

3.) It’s 79p – And for 2:44 minutes of brilliant wackiness that’s just good financial sense. 😂🎉😂🎉

4.) It’s a great wake up alarm – With it’s authentic cockerel sounds ‘Cockadoodledoo’ brings a bit of farmyard fun into your life each morning. So make like a farmer and wake up the old fashioned way. With a cock. 🔔🐔

5.) Watch your cockerel MIME – Sounds unbelievable but this weird phenomena is 100% TRUE. As we discovered when we played the track back for the first time, cockerels cannot resist miming along with the crows in the song. So if you, like Abz, have a cockerel of your own…Then enjoy hours of fun & laughter watching them mime along with the song. Try it, it REALLY works! 🐔

6.) Bring back 90’s pop – I think we can all agree that most modern pop music is bordering on soft pornography these days. But despair no longer because ‘Cockadoodledoo’ has been called a lot of things but ‘sexual’ is definitely not amongst them. So if you miss the innocent & fun pop songs of yesteryear buy ‘cockadoodledoo‘ and help Abz and Vicky continue making fun, farm themed, family friendly music for the charts! 📀📻

7.) It’d make a fabulously inappropriate ringtone – Enjoy the puzzled expressions of your fellow commuters as they try to work out why there’s a chicken on the train. 📱📣

8.) Cover/Remix it – If you’re creative, why not make a fun remix of the weirdest pop song ever and put it on youtube for all your friends to enjoy. 🎤💽

9.) If you buy this song your life will be better – Ok so this isn’t true at all. However by buying this single you are supporting a truly grass roots project because when it comes to ‘cockadoodledoo’ Abz and Vicky did everything themselves. From the writing to the vocals,to production, mixing and mastering, to producing/editing the music video and promotion…They even hand-painted the single’s comedy artwork! (Complete with a cock eyed Abz) So support your local/small business music ‘farmers’ by buying ‘cockadoodledoo’. 📝🎤💽🎥🎬💻🔊📠

10.) 10 is the magic number – The numbers of the songs running time (4:22) add up to 8, which is close to 10, and 10 is a pretty cool number. 1⃣0⃣ (According to numerology number 10 can bring peace and harmony to all. So perhaps cockadoodledoo will save the world? #justsayin)

So there you have it. 10 hilarious reasons you need cockadoodledoo in your life…You’re welcome. 😜

You can view the music video for cockadoodledoo HERE :

Available on itunes, amazon and all good digital stores NOW. Please share this blog or the video and support us in getting ‘Cockadoodledoo’ into the charts!!!



  1. Okay. I thought I was the only one who did #4. Haha it makes the best alarm clock!!

    And “hens are friends,just not chicken nuggets” is by far the best lyric ever invented. I am not a vegan (yet) but, I’m slowly moving towards that lifestyle. It’s like a nice reminder of my goals.
    I really want a T-shirt with that printed on it or maybe knit myself a beanie and hand stitch “hens are friends” on the front of it or something.

    It’s an awesome song and thank you guys for making it!

    Liked by 1 person

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