About us

We are Abz Love and Vicky Fallon, a young urban couple with not the faintest idea about farming and we welcome you to our brand spanking new blog. (Named after our BBC two documentary series COUNTRY STRIFE : Abz on the farm.) Here on this blog we’ll be documenting our journey as we leave behind the rat race for a cleaner, greener, more self sufficient lifestyle on a semi off-grid smallholding in rural Wales.

In this blog we want to take you on the journey with us, to inspire you to dive into your dreams and of course…TO ENTERTAIN YOU!!! We hope to make you laugh LOTS and if our story encourages you to ditch the fears and go for your dream, well that would make us very happy. 🙂

Much love

Vicky & Abz


42 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hi all! Please feel free to leave a comment or suggestion for us, Abz & I will be reading ALL of them and we’ll do our best to reply…Anyone tweeting about the blog please use the hashtag #Abzonthefarm 🙂


    1. Well done Abz following your Dreams still X
      16 years ago we met & I think we were your 1st fans . Mortified at us crazy loons sleeping out side you gave us yellow blankets ❤️. How our lives have changed since then . So many great memories with you & the others . The big breckfast show ect & the singing monkey I gave you , I think you loved him . Any way good luck Abz you deserve it xxx

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  2. Well done you guys! I’ve tweeted you before just wanted to say my girl and love the programme!
    We are doing the same we moved from Liverpool to a rural village and love it!

    We’ve been looking for a smallholding or something with some land I was made up to see you both just go for it. I’ve got about 180 k so hopefully I’ll find something. Can’t wait to see the next episode and we will follow your blog.
    Keep strong you can do it! Never go back to the city

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  3. Hi guys so happy you have a blog now as I cant seem to get enough of the both of you.
    Hope your doing well and looking forward to the Christmas special… When is it on ?

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  4. Merry Xmas both, looking forward to the next instalment of your adventure. Saw you both in Carmarthen at the end of the summer, I should have said hello. All the best for the new year Mererid x

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  5. Don’t lose sight of your dreams. My Aunt moved to a very remote location in Scotland in the middle of winter 10 years ago, and the place was a shambles, with snow coming in the roof, the land was a bog and not an ounce of Christmas spirit to be found and even less money. With the help of family, friends and the local community though, she can now celebrate during the festive season, and those awful early years are nothing but a memory.
    I’m not saying it was easy, and there were some really dark days where she thought of packing in, but she battled on. She’s so glad she did. So am I! It’s a fab place to go when in need of a holiday :).
    A money making idea for the longer term for one of you could be massage for animals. My aunt trained in equine massage first, then went on to learn other animals and humans. She’s always fully booked. Just an idea for you on the side of your algae venture.
    Here’s wishing you all the best for 2016.

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  6. Loved the Xmas special. I love the program as we like not far from you as Carms, Llandeilo are my local towns and Lynn (VG) is an old ex neighbour and a character at that. You are doing so well as I know how hard this area can be to live. If you are looking for local voluntary help let me know I am happy to oblige and we have lots of local contacts. Keep with it, Rome was not built in a day. X

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  7. Having watched 3 episodes and the Xmas episode I can only congratulate you both for a very entertaining programme and peek into what it would be like to to leave the rat race. I hope a second series is on the cards and you should be concentrating on writing your book while the algae grows. Good luck and best wishes throughout 2016.

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  8. Vicky & Abz my wife and I just love you, you make us laugh and cry at the same time.
    Just like you we moved to the country (just not as remote) and not as much land. It’s tough when you just don’t know how to do stuff, it’s a leaning curve that has to be surfed and pick up knowledge along the way. Your lucky to have some good neighbors around you. We’ve all made mistakes but these we learn from and get better at it next time. This year I’ve been experimenting with Hydroponics in my greenhouse, some good and a lot of bad results, but like you I’m learning 🙂
    I really hope we see you in a second bigger series.

    Good luck for 2016 keep at it, you’ll have a better year to come I’m sure.

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  9. Hello Vicky and Abz!!
    My hubby William and I bought a derelict barn in a Glen back in October. Has a little bit of land (slightly swampy) and our build starts end of Feb. Like yourselves, we wanted to follow our dream and not wonder “what if”.
    We’ve planted our baby hedges, put up a fence around our land and have been meeting the local farmers and land workers.
    Needing our house to sell so we can fund the build. Stressful but keeping positive.
    Hoping you guys get through this coming year and DONT give up.
    Love Suzie

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    1. Yes, every smallholding has it’s own unique challenges, were one year in and STILL deciding what to farm/produce!! But I think taking that time is important otherwise we may have rushed into the wrong thing. All the best with selling the house and your green dream 🙂 Vicky x


      1. yes. Absolutely.
        Maybe if you’re remote enough then boarding kennels or a cattery. That’s a decent income and you can still grow your own, be self sufficient etc. For inspiration, watch as many River Cottage episodes as possible. Especially the early ones.
        Suzie ☺️X

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  10. Hey guys

    Loved the series and the chrimbo special. Curses on eBay for suspending your Brit

    Can you do a few mini films and post – would be great to see how you are getting on.

    If you need a weekend of voluntary labour give me a shout. My bestie is a bee farmer if you want to look at a bit of honey production


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  11. Hi Abz & Vicky – love your programme – we watch every episode. Re. getting help – have you heard of wooofing? Google it. It’s where people come and stay on a farm/small holding for free and you feed them and give them a room. In return they give you free labour. Typically wooofers stay for anything from a week to a couple of months. Stay strong – think of how beautiful it will all be in summer!

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      1. what if it was people you knew… they could sleep in the trees or ‘tents’ further out. Andsd what if they paid to stay and then did free labour … The privacy sounds better though x

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  12. Awesome, I missed the Xmas Special but will go watch it now. You guys need to set up an email optin box so we can all put our names and emails in to be kept up to date with new blog posts. I recommend either Drip or ConnectKit for now, both far superior to aWeber or a paid Mailchimp account. Keep up the good work, you guys rock! Nicola

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  13. hi abz & vicky im french tomorrow we have a show called l’amour est dans le pré (love on the farm)& i wanted to tweet your music vid during it for you to have some publicity/advertisement.do you want me to do it?

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  14. hello abz and vicky! this might be quite long but i was on spotify hours ago, listening to music when i suddenly found myself wanting to listen to 90s music since i grew up listening to them. five was 1 of my fave boy bands when i was young. “until the time is through” happens to be 1 of my fave five songs. that soon led me to re-watch the music video on youtube then i saw a video on the side “the big reunion”. soon i watched the show till the last episode and wow, made me cry! im a fan of you abz and i sincerely hope the best for you two and your peaceful farm life. i wish you all the best! regards all the way from the philippines! 🙂


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